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The Last Enlightenment Tweet

Over the past three years, the crew of the research project Enlightenment News, financed by the Faculty of Humanities at NTNU, have posted daily news tweets taken from the British and French newspaper press 250 years ago.
All the tweets can be found at
The project is nearing the end in its present form, and the last tweet was therefore posted on December 13, 2017 (three years, one month and five days since the first).
We would like to thank everyone who have followed us, retweeted and written about the project, with a special thanks to Morgenbladet, for lifting our entreprise to a larger, Norwegian readership.
For those interested in the project’s scholarly publications, they are listed here:
Here are the very first and the very last of our tweets:
9 November 2014: London Eve-Post: ARRACK, A Very large Parcel, now in the India Company’s Warehouses, for Exportation or Home Consumption, 6d. per Gallon.
13 December 2017: London Evening Post: Genoa, Nov. 7. The Prince of Monaco has been entered in the golden book, as one of the Nobles of this city.
Inbetween these two news events, we have seen so many interesting and exciting pieces of eighteenth-century news transmission, on everything from royal marriages to ferocius monsters, via numerous incidents of sexual vices and drunkenly disorder.
Although Enlightement News is nearing the end, the group’s research into print culture continues, as one of its scholars, Dr Siv Gøril Brandtzæg will lead a new project, entitled «Norwegian Broadside Ballads, 1550-1950: recovering a cultural heritage», financed by the Research Council of Norway. Read more about this project here: