Marius Warholm Haugen

A blog about libraries, literature and (digital) scholarship.


Marius Warholm Haugen is Senior Research Librarian at the NTNU University Library. He is currently also Post-doctoral Fellow at the Department of Language and Literature, NTNU.

The project is financed by the Research Council of Norway. It deals with the remediation and appropriation of travel writing in the French and British periodical press between 1780 and 1820. Marius is also interested in theoretical and methodological issues related to digital scholarship. He is a member of the research group Enlightenment News – Periodical Publication, Newspapers, and the Digital Archive.

He holds a doctorate in French literature from NTNU, and specializes in late eighteenth-century novels and travel writing. He has published a book on the work of the Polish, francophone author Jan Potocki (1761-1815), as well as several articles on eighteenth-century literature and culture (a full list of publications is found here).


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