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Special issue on appropriation in and of eighteenth-century culture

The current issue of Forum for Modern Language Studies (Oxford Journals) is a special issue edited by Eli Løfaldli (NTNU) and Tom Jones (St. Andrews) on the notion of appropriation in eighteenth-century culture.

It is available here (subscription only, but the abstracts are open access):

As the editors put it in their introductory essay,

«[…] the contributions to this Special Issue not only attest to just how extensive and varied appropriation in and of eighteenth-century culture was and is, but also demonstrate the great variety of analytical and theoretical approaches that are typically deployed in the study of appropriation. In addition, they make evident that various forms of appropriation are united in their transgression and thematization of boundaries – be they textual, generic, political, national, commercial or connected to gender, class or ethnicity – and in their tendency to call traditional mechanisms and hierarchies of value into question.»
(Jones & Løfaldli, p. 98)
  • Tom Jones and Eli Løfaldli (Department of Language and Literature)

Introduction: Appropriation Of and In the Eighteenth Century

  • Paul Goring (Department of Language and Literature)

Gulliver’s Travels on the Mid-Eighteenth-Century Stage; Or, What is an Adaptation?

  • Siv Gøril Brandtzæg (Department of Language and Literature)

Aversion to imitation: The rise of literary hierarchies in eighteenth-century novel reviews

  • Marius Warholm Haugen (NTNU University Library)

Appropriating the novel: Pietro Chiari’s La filosofessa italiana